Review: ‘Shazam!’ #1 Sets Billy Batson On A New Path

Billy Batson is one of the DC Universe’s greatest heroes. In Shazam! #1 we get to see why, but also a unique new/old enemy.

Mark Waid, Dan Mora, Alejandro Sanchez, and Troy Peteri have a lot of fun, while creating a whole new challenge for Earth’s Mightiest Mortal.

Billy Batson’s life is starting to settle into a new normal. He defends the world as the Captain. He’s become an example of kindness and compassion among superheroes. He even has a podcast to tell the world about the Captain’s exploits. But that has begun someone the wrong way, and Billy Batson is about to find himself face to face with the gods that gave him his powers.

Waid and Mora have teamed to create a story that’s pretty unique among his peers. Billy is not just a hero, but he’s doing it differently from his peers. They mix the classic hopeful heroism with the more recent rough background. It’s a great start for Billy and his new direction.

Waid creates a set-up that’s familiar, but centers it on the characters. Billy’s relationship with Freddy is one of the most interesting things about the issue, with a great challenge at the heart of their current status quo. Turning the gods against Billy creates a unique conflict and drives the story into some exciting places that are wholly his to deal with.

Mora’s art is absolutely fantastic. It’s full of wonder and fantasy as Billy deals with alien T-rexes, his mundane high school life and saving the day. His layouts look great, and drives the story forward continuously. Sanchez’s colors tie modern techniques with the classic golden age style that’s so closely tied to the Captain.

Shazam! #1 is available now from DC Comics.

Billy Batson is one of the DC Universe’s greatest heroes. In Shazam! #1 we get to see why, but alsoCOMICONRead More

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