The God Delusion… About Art: ‘Second Coming: Trinity’ #2 Advance Review

Cranium heads off to space while God drops in on a ground full of ageing aetheists who have a choice word or two to say about their angelic benefactors. Meanwhile, it would seem, Sunstar couldn’t care less about his past dealings with Cranium that scarred him so deeply that any reader of the debut issue would feel some empathy with him. And even more after hearing how non-plus Sunstar is over the whole debate. No, he’d rather explain to Jesus how he gets his hair cut, in a fabulous riff on a very particular scene in Superman The Movie that will have you chuckling along in another highly philosophical but funny instalment of the second coming of Christ by Mark Russell, Richard Pace and Leonard Kirk. Each scene perfectly encapsulates its own provocative thoughts that circle back to what it means to be human and humane in today’s society. The dramatic irony of a room full of atheists complain to God is not lost on anyone reading this series, but a great example of Russell’s subtle humour he threads throughout this issue. It engages the reader while drawing us into the conversation. A conversation that happily places God’s side of the story into the mix while still staying faithful to… well, faith.

And, it’s also God who comes to dominate this issue. And, again, instilling both himself and a sideline of humour along with him. A forthright kinda guy who’s not afraid to use language better suited to a bar, or sports field, I have always enjoyed Russell’s depiction of this all-too human deity. Juts a family guy trying to reconnect with his son and the world. Better late than never, right? 

Pace and Kirk’s double act on art continues to delight. A clear, clean style that never fails to capture the emotive impact of each scene wonderfully well in a comic that is more joyous than your average super hero series. But, with valid points to make about our contemporary world and how we treat and monetise faith and art thereby making us more a morally bankrupt global population. Andy Troy’s colours one again balance the artwork.

With a pallet that is neither garish for gothic. A suitable colour scheme to reflect the upbeat and light-heated tone of this book. 

Coming up with new ways in which to look at the world, and for a third series, is a tough gig. But, Russell delivers each and ever time. And, while the theological thoughts are fun in the way they are so conversationally presented, there is still a serious story beating underneath. As Jesus finds out first hand by the end of the issue.

Second Coming: Trinity #2 is out Wednesday 10th May from AHOY Comics

Cranium heads off to space while God drops in on a ground full of ageing aetheists who have a choiceCOMICONRead More

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