Draconic Sneak Peek: Pathfinder Reveals Their New Diabolic Dragon!

Welcome to the table,

Few things are as laced into the framework of fantasy TTRPGs as dragons. For years we have had a fairly standard collection of metallic and chromatic dragons to choose from with a handful of unique and offbeat additions to the bestiaries but now, with the upcoming Pathfinder Second Edition Remaster the sound of leathery wings fills the air with fresh horrors from the Pathfinder team and I  am delighted!


Reports on the Pathfinder Blog have given us a little taste of the new Diabolic Dragon and it seems to be a really cool addition to the table. Arcane and Natural based spellcasting in my home games are tied into the bloodlines of the dragons so the theme that is being presented with these Diabolic Dragons being woven into the spellcasting lore is synching up so well with what has been going on in the home campaign for over a decade.

Luis Loza, Creative Director, has stated in the blog update that every dragon will be arcane, divine, occult, or primal in nature and have their stories and abilities connected to their respective tradition. Luis, along with Art Director Kent Hamilton and the Pathfinder team, are truly bringing something special to the tables with these new draconic entries to the TTRPG space.

The first new dragon revealed is the Diabolic Dragon, who falls under the divine dragon category with deep ties to Hell. As divine dragons draw their powers from the planes and sometimes even directly from the gods themselves, the Diabolic Dragons are bound to the whims of Hell. These titans of fang and claw are the guardians and leaders of Hell’s armies and some even report directly to the Archdevils themselves.

The lairs of Diabolic Dragon also promise to be rich with adventure hooks and horrors as they are said to contain piles of gems filled with trapped souls and countless contracts damning unfortunate mortals to an afterlife in Hell. With Pathfinder’s Contract Demons being some of my favorite monsters in all of gaming the idea of this seeds so many plot ideas for me. I am giddy!

If you want another look at a Diabolic Dragon, you can get a peek at the preview cover for the upcoming Pathfinder Player Core!

Until next time, stay tuned into this space for more gaming and dragon news!

Welcome to the table, Few things are as laced into the framework of fantasy TTRPGs as dragons. For years weCOMICONRead More

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