‘Best Of 2000 AD’ Gets A Special Cover For Volume 4 – Glyn Dillon Makes a Return To Comics To Celebrate One Of His Brother’s Finest Tales…

The Best of 2000 AD Volume 4 is the latest in the thrill-powered intro to Britain’s greatest comic – and volume 4 gets a special tribute cover to Steve Dillon from his brother Glyn Dillon.


Out on 12 October, The Best of 2000 AD Vol.4 is the next one of the series that’s doing a fine, fine job of introducing readers around the world to the wonders of 2000 AD. I’ve covered it extensively here, with the latest review of Volume 3 having just gone up, and this new volume really does keep the quality way up there.

But this one’s extra special because of the 2000 AD webshop exclusive edition with a cover by Glyn Dillon paying tribute to his brother Steve, who tragically passed away in 2016.

The cover is Glyn’s homage to Steve’s Dredd great, Cry Of The Werewolf, the classic Dredd presentation in this volume.


Glyn’s one of the greats, with his graphic novel The Nao of Brown a must-read for anyone who loves comics that really push what can be done in the medium. But he made his start in comics in 2000 AD, Crisis, and Deadline magazine, before going over to DC with issues of The Sandman, Shade The Changing Man, and Egypt, before his 2012 graphic novel The Nao Of Brown with SelfMadeHero.

Nowadays though, he’s not that involved in comics anymore, having found fame and fortune in Hollywood, working as a concept artist and costume designer on The Force Awakens, Rogue One, and Solo, as well as designing the batsuit for 2022’s The Batman.

Having Cry of the Werewolf inside is a real treat, having the cover as a tribute to one of 2000 AD’s greats and keeping it in the family… that’s just special.

Aside from the Steve Dillon drawn Cry of the Werewolf, there’s a second Dredd tale, the more modern Mega-City Confidential, Kek-W and John BurnsThe Order; and the complete graphic novel presentation of Pete Milligan and Jamie Hewlett‘s surreal, absurd, fabulously fantastical Hewligan’s Haircut.

Glyn Dillon‘s special cover edition will only be available from the 2000 AD webshop – with pre-orders opening on 14 June – while this volume’s standard cover is by Marguerite Sauvage.

Below, just a little of Cry of the Werewolf from 1983’s Prog 322 – you can see the rest in Best of 2000 AD Vol 3.


The Best of 2000 AD Volume 4 is the latest in the thrill-powered intro to Britain’s greatest comic – andCOMICONRead More

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