Dog Might Games Brings A New Screen To The Table

Welcome to the table,

I’ve been collecting Storyteller Screens for most of my life. I have a whole shelf of them from AD&D to Pathfinder 2 and everything in between. One of my absolute favorites though is a custom screen sent to me from Dog Might Games. As I run all my games over Roll20 at the moment due to my players being scattered across the globe like the fabled Dragonballs, my screen is, for now, a display item and holds a position of honor in my office.

The quality of these screens are spectacular. The wood grain is visible under the vividly colored staining and the unique magnetic attachment system that allows them to fold out and stand upright is more eloquent in its simplicity and function than any hinge or pin system.

Dog Might has produced some truly iconic screens over the past few years including the GM Screen for Critical Role’s Exandria Unlimited, the Tiamat screen for Joe Manganiello, and the Hellfire Club’s DM Screen for the One-Shot adventure with some of the cast from Netflix’s Stranger Things.

Aside from their impeccable craftsmanship and worldwide recognizability Dog Might Games is a collection of craftspeople and dreamers who are dedicated to the production of the highest quality gaming accessories. Mike Cameron and Michael Konas have assembled a team of woodworkers and designers who truly care about the products they are putting out and strive for a safe and welcoming workplace.

Currently, Dog Might Games has a new offering for the table in the form of The D20 Tribute GM Screen.


This screen is said to be the cumulation of a decade of designing and crafting TTRPG gear. With three flavors to choose from, a fully magnetic break-apart system, and a massive array of customization options, this screen will be the pinnacle of your next adventure and a brilliant addition to your table or shelf.



There is still a little over a week to jump on this campaign over on Backerkit to help Dog Might Games have the strongest possible launch for this stunning new offering.

Until next time, I had a full interview with these guys and my hard drive bricked out. I can tell you though, after spending an hour talking to them you could really tell how passionate they were not just about gaming but about the craft itself. From an artist’s perspective, from a gaming perspective, hell from a human perspective, Dog Might Games has shown me nothing but class and consideration and until someone shows me otherwise anyone should be proud to own something these find craftspeople make.

Welcome to the table, I’ve been collecting Storyteller Screens for most of my life. I have a whole shelf ofCOMICONRead More

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