Pop Punk Duo ‘Girlfriends’ Summons Warm, Unique, But Familiar Feeling Favorites

Welcome to the table,

I’m lucky enough to be married to one of those people who can fire back with the name, filmography, and random connected facts almost every time I ask “Who’s that dude who was in the movie with the thing and the stuff?”

Moreover, they can do it with all sorts of topics across various spectrums with an accuracy that is honestly terrifying at times. I have subject matter where I’m an expert, but when it comes to general knowledge, this woman is a walking, talking info center, to the degree that I often say her name when trying to ask Alexa a question. When you already have the best in the house, the robot is cool but kinda secondary.


I was playing through girlfriends Over My Dead Body EP (you can listen here) out now via Big Noise, and my wife says “This kinda sounds like Machine Gun Kelly, but in a different way.”

I asked what track and she said “My Ex’s Best Friend, the one he did with Blackbear.” so now I am super amused because Girlfriends’s Over My Dead Body is co-written and produced by Andrew Goldstein, and he happens to have done co-writing and producing for Machine Gun Kelly and Blackbear.

All that to say, she has some uncanny ability that terrifies me sometimes, and I totally agree with her, it sounds like Machine Gun Kelly, but in a different way.

Over My Dead Body is a collection of tracks that are stacked with post-breakup anthems, infused with angst and wry charm that would resonate on a cold morning drive to work or echoing off the walls of a half-empty apartment while trying to figure out who you can call to see if they want to split a pizza and talk about something other than work.

The Over My Dead Body EP features the previously released tracks, Life’s A Brittany and Over My Dead Body, catchy tracks that have garnered attention from the likes of idobi Radio, Loudwire, The Noise, Hot Topic, The Honey Pop and more.

Girlfriends recently wrapped a sold-out European tour, supporting Avril Lavigne and now the duo is back in the US for a short East Coast run of headlining dates which will kick off this coming Monday, May 15th in Chicago at Cobra Lounge. They will visit Boston, Philadelphia and Washington, D.C. before wrapping on May 21st in Brooklyn at Baby’s All Right. The Brooklyn date is being promoted by the Spotify team as part of their hot new Spotify Stages Presents concert series.

In addition, girlfriends will also be joining The Used and Pierce The Veil on their “fast selling” Creative Control Tour. They’ll be hopping on the tour starting in Asbury Park on June 12th, hitting top markets like New York City, Cincinnati, Dallas, Irvine, and more before wrapping up in Phoenix on July 2nd.


You can get ticket info HERE.


With 93+ million global streams to date and roughly half a million monthly listeners on Spotify, the pop-punk prolific pair of Nick Gross and Travis Mills summon songs that feel like familiar favorites of a youth spent in turmoil with lyrics that are warm and unique. Like your favorite winter coat in a cold car. The world is stressful and sharp to the touch, but girlfriends seem to understand and have anthems on hand to give you the fuel you need to get to where you are going, even if you haven’t quite figured out where that is yet.

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Until next time, give it a spin if you are in the pop-punk mood and want something that feels as comfortable as your favorite jeans but as fresh as tomorrow’s possibilities.




Welcome to the table, I’m lucky enough to be married to one of those people who can fire back withCOMICONRead More

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