WaterTower Music Releases “Worlds Collide” And “Run” From ‘The Flash’ Soundtrack

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I have always had a fondness for The Flash. No particular version of the Flash as much as a toy ring I had when I was little. When I pushed a little button on the side, a little lid popped open and there was a tiny little square painted up like his microscopic super expanding costume. The ring became a bit of a worry stone for me and I actually ended up wearing it everywhere. I had a silver green lantern ring on my other hand. The Flash ring being made of hard plastic eventually wore down against my crutches, but for a time, I was always accompanied by the logo of “The Fastest Man Alive.”


WaterTower Music announced today the release of Worlds Collide and Run, the first music to be released from Warner Bros. Pictures’ upcoming film The Flash. Directed by Andy Muschietti, The Flash serves as the DC Superhero’s first-ever standalone feature film. Worlds Collide and Run were created by the two time Grammy and BAFTA nominated composer Benjamin Wallfisch and both are now available for streaming (Standard and Dolby Atmos / Spatial Audio configurations) and digital purchase.

The two tracks will also be included on the upcoming The Flash original motion picture soundtrack, which is scheduled for release the same day the film opens in theaters in North America, June 16, 2023.

The composer discussed the track in further detail: “Worlds Collide was a cue that Andy and I iterated on—probably over 50 times—to get just right, even as the orchestra was recording it. Andy’s incredibly creative ideas meant adjusting the music and musicians in real time. The track is built on a chord progression where the outer voices of the chords move towards each other, almost pulled together by a powerful gravitational force, whilst always building in intensity. At the apex, there’s about 17 layers of orchestra playing together—probably over 1000 musicians! It was one of those moments where we had to ‘go big or go home’ to match the magnitude of what fans will see on screen!”

And Run was the very first music Wallfisch wrote for The Flash, just over three years ago. He described the genesis of the track and how it was integrated into the film: “Andy invited me to come onboard for the movie in the summer of 2020. Although the script was still being developed, I was inspired by the film concepts we discussed. Run was basically the first music I envisioned: a restless, searching piano figure, representing Barry’s ( Barry Allan AKA The Flash) crisis after losing his mother, played against insistent staccato strings that are on the edge of being impossible to perform because of their sheer speed.

“A few days later, and months prior to shooting,” Wallfisch continued, “I played this super rough sketch to Andy, alongside a bunch of other ideas for the film. Then, two years later, as Andy was putting together his first cut, he surprised me by putting this little piano sketch up against picture in one of the key moments in the movie, and it stayed there through to the final, almost unchanged. Andy and I have worked together closely for the last six years, and this was a moment I was especially grateful for our relationship. I feel so fortunate to have such a creative shorthand with someone I consider an absolute genius. “

I  am excited to see what happens as all of this comes together. I was a fan of Flash Point and the alternative timelines that have crossed the multiverses of the DCU so The Flash seems to be a melting pot where multiple ideas will run together.

Until next time, my puns are on point!

Welcome to the table, I have always had a fondness for The Flash. No particular version of the Flash asCOMICONRead More

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