Lake Como Comic Art Festival 2023 – Putting The ‘Art’ In ‘Art Festival’

As the name implies, the Lake Como Comic Art Festival is really about the art and the artists. Collectors can easily spend tens of thousands of dollars (or euros) getting commissions and original art from A-list artists and art dealers. And this year, with the festival’s biggest lineup ever, was no exception.

This was my fourth time at LCCAF, so fortunately, I had several of the artists already covered. But with so many to choose from, I still ended up with more than I could count (and likely afford).

Here is a quick rundown of the pieces I picked up during the two-day festival. I collect Batman. Lots of Batman. But I did get a few non-Bats pieces.

The first – and one of the best pieces is from Javier Fernandez. It’s a pretty imposing Batman.

Davide Paratore created this angry Bats for me.

Trevor Hairsine of DCeased fame gave me this aftermath of a Batman vs. Superman battle.

Mark Raats has done a number of movie posters for Lucasfilm, particularly for Indiana Jones and Star Wars. Last year I got a Christian Bale Batman from him. This year, I went with the Robert Pattinson version.

Brent McKee created this Batman getting the best of the Riddler.

One of the highlights of the show was this Simone DiMeo Batman over Gotham City, complete with a graffiti version of the animated series.

Before the show, I bought a Tula Lotay Batman piece, which is being incorporated into a cover for this summer’s Knight Terrors event. I picked it up in Como, where she was exhibiting.

Federico Mele was a late addition to my list, but his creaming Batman did not disappoint.

Riccardo Federici was a mystery to me. His color work is superb, but so are his pencils. He was not cheap, so I opted for pencils – and he did not disappoint.

Peach Momoko is one of the hottest artists in the industry right now. And she was a huge for the festival. She was one of the most affordable artists at the show.

I had an opportunity to buy a Gary Frank Batman commission at the first edition of LCCAF. So I opted for Batman’s archenemy this time.

And finally, back to Batman. I have a Simon Bisley sketch from a few years ago, but thanks to his agent, I was able to get color sketch from him time.






As the name implies, the Lake Como Comic Art Festival is really about the art and the artists. Collectors canCOMICONRead More

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