‘Superman & Lois’ Season 3, Episode 8 Review

Something is missing from this season of Superman & Lois.

That’s not to say that the season is suffering because of it. In fact, some of the characterization this year has been the strongest in the show thus far. But the earlier seasons had a clear direction and path. There were two main villains and the show placed them as an obvious threat that needed to be overcome. This season doesn’t have that same kind of looming climax. There is definitely a strong villain, however she’s ill, so she’s not the big bad threat we’ve seen before. That feeling has underlined every episode, but it came to a head this week when she was hospitalized.

The week’s major storyline involved Natalie (Tayler Buck) meeting her boyfriend’s family for dinner and John Henry (Wolé Parks) discovering that the boyfriend’s father is Bruno Mannheim (Chad L Coleman). This was a confrontation that had been building for a while and resulted in Manheim’s wife revealing herself as the sound assassin. Lois (Elizabeth Tulloch) also had to deal with the revelation that Bruno had framed Lex Luthor for the crime that finally put the supervillain in jail. She also had to grapple with a crisis of conscience as she feels bad investigating Manheim while his wife is sick and face the fact that her friend may be a bad person.

There is obviously more ground to cover. Bruno recovered Bizarro’s body from the DOD, and his eyes opened in the episode’s closing moments. It’s not entirely clear what will transpire in the episodes to come. But Lex Luthor’s casting was announced before the season premiered, so he is bound to show up at some point. A lot is still up in the air, though. Jordan’s (Alex Garfin) activities as a vigilante are being noticed, and that’s a storyline that needs to be developed more. Plus, all of the side characters are dealing with the non-superpowered drama that makes the show also compelling. All in all, it wasn’t the show’s best episode this season, but it was still incredibly solid. All the other episodes have just set the bar so high.

Superman & Lois airs Tuesdays on The CW.

Something is missing from this season of Superman & Lois. That’s not to say that the season is suffering becauseCOMICONRead More

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