TV Review: ‘Gotham Knights’ Season 1, Episode 9

Gotham Knights is a decent way into its first season, and it’s finally delivered its best episode yet. It accomplished this by dropping its tendency to hint and tease about the villains. Instead, it dives head first into the Court of Owls’ operations as the heroes take them head-on. Besides that, it also displayed some of its most compelling character drama yet — and not in a typical CW way. Instead, it allowed the drama to flourish concurrently with the plot, opening avenues that will make future episodes more complex.

It all begins with a mystery as the Gotham Knights try to decipher what the Court’s watches meant. They eventually deduced the location of a meeting, dispatching Turner (Oscar Morgan) and Duela (Olivia Rose Keegan) to sneak in and see what it was all about. They decided to steal the Court’s map, but things became complicated when a Court member showed up at the meeting to be executed. Turner decides to save her, but his efforts were largely in vain. She died anyway and Turner was kidnapped. In the episode’s closing moments, Harvey’s (Misha Collins) blackouts worsen as he wakes up with a Court mask on and Lincoln March (Damon Dayoub) is revealed to be the head of the Court.

The relationship between Turner and Duela has been very subtle up until this episode. Duela shows real affection for him, which is complicated since he was kidnapped. The only character drama not directly tied to the episode’s plot was Stephanie’s (Anna Lore) story thread involving her addicted mother. It felt a little heavy-handed, but hopefully it will be utilized as she eventually evolves into her own vigilante identity. All in all, the episode was very solid. It had mystery, clue-solving, a deep dive into its villains, and the development of character relationships. It took a while to get here, but hopefully Gotham Knights can keep up this momentum.

Gotham Knights airs Tuesdays on The CW.

Gotham Knights is a decent way into its first season, and it’s finally delivered its best episode yet. It accomplishedCOMICONRead More

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