Alt Rock Band ‘Ragers’ Prove It Can Be Fun To Be “Tossed Out”

Welcome to the table,

There was a time in my life when I slept very little because there was so much to do and see. I would find myself coming home from the studio and running into friends in the parking lot, getting invited out to a bar, ending up at The Waffle House at 3 am.

Then I’d go home to my roommates still throwing a party. I’d sit on a beanbag chair on the front porch, cooking smores over a broken waffle iron as the sun came up. Then it was off to the comic shop to hang out until lunch, where strombolis from the pizza place next door would fuel me for the next stretch of what often felt like an endless stumble from moment to caffeine and nicotine-laced moment.

“Tossed Out” from alt-rock band Ragers feels like that, and I mean that in the best possible way. A follow-up to their recent single “Only Sins No Tragedies” a title that immediately gives me a chuckle because a slightly scratched copy of A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out is still kicking around my house somewhere, “Tossed Out” gives fans another glimpse of the band’s forthcoming album Missed Calls From Home, set to drop on September 29th.

Ragers take cues from their inspirations which include Gym Class Heroes, The Hives, and their Canadian predecessors in groups like Simple Plan and Sum 41. Ragers use this album as an excuse to introduce a new generation the earnest, fun, and relatable appeal of pop-punk with their own delightful modern twist.

You can check out the Tossed Out music video at this link and see for yourself if it feels like a string of sleepless nights that you don’t actually mind staying up for.

The band shares: “You ever get kicked out of a pub in Thunder Bay, Ontario after falling in love with the bartender? Out of luck, out of money, and out in the snow without a coat. There’s something mischievous but celebratory about this one. It’s just plain fun, simple and straightforward. This track evokes some of the alt-rock sounds we grew up with, a sort of dandy way of approaching punk themes. An infectious guitar lick, a chorus that hooks you on the spot, pulls you in, before tossing you right back out.”

I agree with them because this track is just fun, chaotic, and slightly unhinged, but at the end of the day worth it because you are here and present and just existing in the space around you.

Until next time, I am always in favor of taking care of yourself. Be the master of your own universe and embrace life with the boundless joy that it deserves. Sometimes it’s worth it to stay up well past your bedtime to make memories that last a lifetime.


Welcome to the table, There was a time in my life when I slept very little because there was soCOMICONRead More

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