Like Sunlight Through Broken Glass: ‘Arrows In Action’ Are Built To Last

Welcome to the table,
Sometimes you just want to bounce.
Nashville-based pop-rock/alt-rock band Arrows in Action has shared a brand new single, “Checking In”.
Pause to listen here.
This track is co-written with Spencer Jordan and frequent collaborator, Dan Swank and is said to dwell on “that all too familiar feeling of losing touch with the ones that you care about most in this crazy journey we call life” and that it reminds the band “that it’s never too late to reach out and rebuild those lost connections.”
Honestly, it does that in a really chill way. What I think is great about the track is that they could have gone melancholy with it. For those of you unfamiliar Arrows in Action’s lineup consists of singer/guitarist Victor Viramontes-Pattison, guitarist Matthew Fowler, and drummer/founding member Jesse Frimmel.
They have for sure have the range to bring you low and slow with tracks like Put You Through Me and Uncomfortably Numb with Taylor Acorn, so they are not strangers to digging deep into the darker corners of the emotional range.
Checking In does have the fingerprints of gloom but its also got this snappy twinkle to it that just makes you bounce. It’s like sunlight through broken glass. The view is not exactly clear and beautiful, but the sun’s still warm and the fractals make those bright rainbow lines that can’t help but make you smile. It’s hopeful and driving and just vibes in a way that I’ve racked up 10 or 15 listens in the last few days and I’m still happy with the way it grooves.
Speaking on the track, the band shares, “This song is the moment where you realize that maybe my friends and family were what you needed all along and that even after losing touch with loved ones, it’s necessary to reach out and keep those important people in your life. ‘Checking In’ serves as a heartfelt but real reminder that keeping in touch with loved ones while balancing the many facets of life is difficult but necessary.”
The band also has an accompanying music video for the track that’s directed by Doltyn Snedden and shot in Nashville. The video follows the band through the monotony of daily life and ends with a gentle reminder to make time for friends and family, cut through with little clips of home videos from the band themselves. It feels like a polished student film in the best possible way*.
You can check out the music video here
Their forthcoming debut album, Built to Last, is produced and mixed by Dan Swank and aims to evoke a coming-of-age story that brings the listeners on a rollercoaster of emotions and conflicts that occur throughout the process of finding your place in the world.
The record features the previously released tracks – “Head In The Clouds,” “The Credits (feat. Loveless & Magnolia Park),” “High,” “Over It” and “Put You Through Me”  can be pre-order at this link.
The band also recently announced their Built to Last headlining tour, marking their first full North American run. Featuring special guests, Honey Revenge and Finish Ticket, the tour is set to kick off on July 5th at the Lone Star Room in Dallas, TX.
Arrows in Action will visit multiple cities across North America including stops in Los Angeles, Seattle, Chicago, Toronto, and New York before wrapping up in Nashville at the Eastside Bowl on August 11th.
You can check out this link to buy tickets. 
Until next time, the reason this feels like a student film is because in my very early 20s, my friends and I made a short film for a local film festival set to Green Day‘s Time of Your Life and Good Riddance and it was along these same lines with a big finish where everyone finally picked up the phone and got together for pizza. Pizza is a constant theme because the comic shop that was essentially the cornerstone of our lives was next door to a pizza place so 90% of our meals came in a pizza box.

Welcome to the table, Sometimes you just want to bounce. Nashville-based pop-rock/alt-rock band Arrows in Action has shared a brandCOMICONRead More

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