Sorry Mom’s ‘Teeth’ Sinks In And Leaves A Mark

Welcome to the table,

A person I hung out with in high school played the guitar. Truthfully, a lot of people played the guitar, or the drums, or the trumpet, or a slew of other instruments. In this particular story, the person in question played the guitar. They wore a really cool necklace with a bunch of zodiac symbols and talked to me about the occult and demonology with an interest that was more comforting than I think they ever realized.

This person came from a really nice home, with a really nice family, and while I was kinda like this weird little “caffeine atom with dirt on it” that wandered around from misadventure to misadventure, and this person always treated me like I had as much value as the other people in their gated community. It was weird, because as different as they were in social class (In, let’s face it, elbows off the table class as well) they never made me feel “less than.”

They were just one of those people who were wildly talented and came off like an ancient and enlightened entity at the ripe old age of 18. In the way that elves would if they were not total dicks about things like clean linens and magic rings. This person would have liked Sorry Mom‘s latest single, Teeth, a lot.

Photo credit: Meghan Marshall

Teeth serves as a rough and powerful exploration of complex parent-child relationships.  It presents a gloomy journey that unfolds with a mournful opening half, only to erupt into a fiery and enraged second half, creating a really cool juxtaposition of hesitation and worry into affirmation and confidence. It’s like listening to one of the acoustic coffee house bands absolutely lose their shit at someone in the audience, and no one saw it coming but the cottage core witch in the corner whose pet owl whispers her secrets in the middle of the night.

The song is said to encapsulate the experience of witnessing an immature parent grow old without ever maturing emotionally. It feels a little like a plea to someone you’ve loved because they are your family, then lost because they cause you anxiety and harm, then you finally find your voice and acknowledge (with them in the room) that they are the problem, and they are supposed to love you because they brought you into the world, but they were to busy with their own issues that they just saw you as a whipping board for their frustration rather than going to therapy or talking to someone about it.

Teeth will be on Sorry Mom’s debut full-length album Babyface, released on May 12th. The album also features recent singles Shaving My Legs and Hiccup and can be pre-ordered at this link. The release will be followed by a tour of the northeast, concluding with a show at Boston Calling Music Festival.

Photo credit: Jenelle Lewis

For those who have not come across them before, Sorry Mom is a femme punk band from New York City. Their music chronicles queer experiences and suburban despair through a nostalgic punk sound. Seeing their start as a group of college friends playing music together the band quickly transformed into something bigger after the release of their debut EP Juno Goes to the Big House in April of 2021.

Until next time, that person has probably had a million wild adventures, and I like to think they are out there enjoying the various sounds and sights of the world around them. Always be kind if you can. You never know who it will keep holding on.

Welcome to the table, A person I hung out with in high school played the guitar. Truthfully, a lot ofCOMICONRead More

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