Cinebook’s June Titles – Outlaws, Spirou & Fantasio, And Classic Edgar P. Jacobs – More Of The Best In Euro Comics…

Taking a look at what’s on offer from Cinebook in June – the first volume of an Orbital spin-off, new Spirou and Fantasio romp, and Edgar P. Jacobs‘ classic, The U-Ray.

Time to take a look at the three books from Euro publisher Cinebook, who’ve been publishing English language versions of a massive range of Franco-Belgian Ninth Art since 2005, bringing the huge range and variety of Euro comics to the West.


This month sees the start of a spin-off series from Sylvain Runberg and Serge Pellé’s eight-volume Orbital series, which was a great series dealing with the aftermath of the Human-Sandjarr war and both race’s entry into the intergalactic peacekeeping organisation. How exactly Outlaws ties into Orbital I’ve yet to find out, but I know how great Runberg’s writing on Orbital was and I’ll be looking forward to Outlaws when it hits in June.

Next, we have the return of two of Euro comics most successful characters, as Spirou and Fantasio’s latest adventure takes them and the Count of Champignac to the moon. Yep, it’s yet another plot from the somewhat-reformed evil mastermind Zorglub.

And finally, we head all the way back to 1943 and the very first comic story from the famous Edgar P. Jacobs, creator of Blake & Mortimer, The U-Ray.

Outlaws: The Cartel of the Peaks

By Sylvain Runberg & Eric Chabbert

Published on 18 June 2023

The first volume of an Orbital spin-off.

2279. A freighter arrives on planet Drenn, with its hidden cargo of illegal immigrants, including young Human Kristina Swany. Like the rest of her travelling companions, she seeks a new life, a new start … but what awaits them is slavery, at the hands of a merciless criminal cartel – the supposed price for the last leg of their journey. Left with no choice, Kristina and the others must do dangerous work in atrocious conditions, and soon begin to suspect there won’t be a last leg.


Spirou and Fantasio Book 20 – The Dark Side of the Z

By Vehlmann & Yoann

Published on 18 June 2023

Sometime after their adventures in Attack of the Zordolts, Spirou, Fantasio and the Count of Champignac have nearly finished repairing the damage done by Zorglub’s ridiculous plans. Until that morning when they wake up in what appears to be their bedrooms, except … on the moon! The moon, yes, where Zorglub – again – has built a massive laboratory. Unfortunately, the cost of such a construction is colossal, and the somewhat-reformed evil mastermind had to find financial backers.


Before Blake & Mortimer – The U-Ray

By Edgar P. Jacobs

Published on 22 June 2023

Before Blake & Mortimer, Edgar P. Jacobs had created a first comic that has now attained mythical status – The U Ray. Here it is now, finally translated into English.

The nation of Norlandia is in conflict with its powerful rival Austradia. The eminent Professor Marduk is tasked by the High Council of Norlandia with militarising a major scientific discovery: the U Ray. However, doing so will require finding a deposit of Uradium, the ore needed to power the ray. And the only known deposit is in an unexplored volcanic archipelago. An expedition is quickly put together, but in the shadows, the Austradian intelligence services are waiting for the moment to act.

Taking a look at what’s on offer from Cinebook in June – the first volume of an Orbital spin-off, newCOMICONRead More

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