Kickstarting Comics: Karl Richardson’s ‘Badd Luk’ Is Pure Irreverent Fantasy And Crowdfunding Now

Artist Karl Richardson is funding Badd Luk – The God Axe, “an irreverent, gloriously gory and peculiar take on the fantasy genre.”


Another great looking Kickstarter to get behind right now – artist Karl Richardson, whose work you could have seen in 2000 AD (Grey Area, 6ers, Mechastopheles, Judge Dredd), or Warhammer, Blizzard Entertainment, BOOM! Studios, and Privateer Press over the last many years, has his new Kickstarter project running right now – it’s a fun swords & sorcery fantasy tale, the first of three volumes of the Badd Luk series.

According to Richardson’s notes on the Kickstarter, it’s “an irreverent, gloriously gory and peculiar take on the fantasy genre’ that ‘took its inspiration from the likes of Jason and the Argonauts, Image Comics Rumble and Genndy Tartakovsky’s work, such as Primal. In the book, you’ll find inspiration from everything I loved from when I was young, from disgusting orcs to terrifying dinosaurs.”

And that, plus the art all over the KS page, is enough to sell me on it. There’s something great about this sort of out-and-out fantasy, never taking itself too seriously, that I do enjoy.


As for what it’s about, well I could tell you, or I could let Karl do the heavy lifting here…

“A young warrior seeking glory and recognition gets more than he bargained for whilst he’s killed holding a coveted immortal weapon. Upon his untimely death, he finds himself transported to the legendary world of Nilwold, a place where warriors are granted a second chance for glory. There’s just one catch with that offer, as they’ll be left with no recollection of their former lives, and only their warrior spirit will remain.

Nilwold is the most dangerous planet in this realm, full of monsters of all shapes and sizes. The world is slowly destroying itself with tremendous earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, and there’s danger on every corner, as the landscape constantly changes. Its unusual inhabitants include orcs, barbarians, elves, goblins and even huge worms that spit out liquifying vomit.

Our young warrior, now named Rooda, sets it upon himself to help heal Nilwold with the power of the immortal weapon. There’s just one problem – its previous owner, the dangerous Dark God, Grieff, now wants it back and will stop at nothing to reclaim his beloved weapon.

Rumour has spread that the axe has all sorts of mysterious properties, and as Rooda attempts to heal Nilwold and establish a new destiny for himself, he’ll end up meeting friends and foes alike who will want their very own piece of the glory.”


So there you go. ‘The God Axe will be part one of a planned three-part series, with this first volume being a full-colour 56-page comic book.

As for rewards… well, there’s digital and PDF copies, your name in the book, Orc sticker, 24-page ‘The God Axe’ sketchbook, 3 comic sized prints, and original art up for grabs.


Badd Luck: The God Axe is all funded but it’s not too late to add your pledge to get in on what looks like a load of fun. The Kickstarter runs until Wednesday 7 June 2023 and the book should be shipping late in the year.


Artist Karl Richardson is funding Badd Luk – The God Axe, “an irreverent, gloriously gory and peculiar take on theCOMICONRead More

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