Mark Millar And Pepe Larraz’s ‘Big Game’ Summer Crossover Revealed As A Sequel To ‘Wanted’

Okay, well it’s been a week since the seismic finale of Nemesis Reloaded #5 made collective jaws drop across comic book fandom with the revelation that Nemesis is now recruited into the Fraternity by Wesley Gibson. Both of whom were first introduced into Millar’s first ever Millarworld comic series, Wanted. A group of stone cold killers, assassins, rogues and badasses who’s intention it is to wipe out all super heroes from existence. All existences. And, with so many new superheroes running around on multiple earths, such as The Magic Order, Kick-Ass, Superior and more, what better time than now to start taking them out. Or, at lest attempting to.

Here’s the series’ synopsis for Big Game, from Millar and artist Pepe Larraz:

“MINISERIES PREMIERE. The comics event of the summer is here! Okay this is so top secret we can’t even show you the main cover because it spoils something MASSIVE. Just trust us when we say that this is going to be the comic book event of 2023-and it’s NOT what you’re expecting. Does the crossover really go that wide? Yes it does. BIG GAME pulls together KICK-ASS KINGSMAN NEMESIS THE MAGIC ORDER and ALL the Millarworld franchises in one special event. This must be ordered like CRAZY!”

And, here’s a sneak peek of interiors featuring Kick-Ass, Duke McQueen from Starlight and some nasty looking members of the Initiative.

Breaking the news was, with Millar telling them the reason why we’ve had to wait twenty years for this to happen:

“This year is the 20th anniversary of Millarworld, which kicked off in December 2003 with Wanted… I always had an idea for a sequel, but I wanted to use all the characters we’d been building up over our 20-plus franchises. I never thought it would be possible as they were all at different studios and owned by different people, but now everything is in-house at Netflix it’s the perfect time to do it. Wanted and Big Game are perfect compliments to one another, revisiting these characters after 20 years where they aged in real-time.”

Think Secret Wars or Crisis on Infinite Earths, but with more swearing and bloody violence, and you get a good idea of what this series will be about. And, as a long-time Millar fan, I can’t be more excited. Yes both Marvel and DC Comics overload their schedules with event after event, but this is something new for Millar, so to me it feels rather novel and fresh. Here’s hoping I get even half the thrills from this book that I did in my youth from the groundbreaking Marvel and DC Comics’ series I still cherish to this day.

Okay, well it’s been a week since the seismic finale of Nemesis Reloaded #5 made collective jaws drop across comicCOMICONRead More

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