Davokar Awakens In Free League’s Expansion For ‘Symbaroum’

Welcome to the table,

Playing one TTRPG system is totally fine if that is your thing. I mean that. I’m not doing that thing, where someone says something with a weird condescending undertone to it. If you like Pathfinder and just want to play Pathfinder, then please, play Pathfinder. If you like D&D and that’s your thing, please, play D&D.

I equate a lot of stuff to food and TTRPGs are no different. Some people like eating the same stuff over and over and I would never fault them for it. TTRPGs are kinda like ingredients and cooking styles.

Some have a large pantry to pull from with lots of different spices and herbs and produce and meats and such. Others have a very limited supply of ingredients, but still provide some nice meals that really hit the spot. Symbaroum from Free League may not be on everyone’s list yet, but you can make some really tasty memories with it.

For those who have not played Symboroum yet, it’s a fast and flexible rule set published by Free League. It has some solid world-building and fun story seeds that make the whole thing feel like a wholly unique setting where the playable space picks up after the events of a great war with necromancers.

The classic fantasy species, while present, are reimagined in ways that make them feel fresh. The elves, changings, and dwarves most notably really feel unique and each has their own social information and historical ties that give just enough to provide players and Storytellers directions, but stay vague enough that you can inject your own style into the world without having to be to liner in your intent.





What’s super cool is earlier this week Free League Publishing revealed the very first art and the key features for Davokar Awakens, the expansion for Symbaroum.

The expansion sees the darkness that has been locked away for centuries breaking free and spreading out in all directions overwhelming the living with floods of nightmarish beasts.

For those looking to add some new flavor to their table, I strongly suggest giving Symbaroum and its new expansion a try. You can learn more at this link.


Until next time, it can be really fun to venture outside of your comfort zone and the rules are not that difficult to pick up. The travel mechanic is super solid and some of the species lore is really fun. Please… do yourself a favor and give Symbaroum a try.





Welcome to the table, Playing one TTRPG system is totally fine if that is your thing. I mean that. I’mCOMICONRead More

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