Review: ‘Avengers’ #1 Is A Breath Of Fresh Air

Frankly, the last five years of Avengers have been pretty dire. With the newest volume, a group of heavy hitters come together in a day unlike any other for a new direction.

Cover by Stuart Immonen

Jed MacKay, CF Villa, Federico Blee, and Cory Petit assemble for the newest volume of Earth’s Mightiest.

In the wake of the war in the God Quarry, Carol Danvers has been elected Avengers chair, and is tasked with gathering a new team. Bringing together a familiar team of heavy hitters, the team is immediately faced with a rampaging Terminus. They’re about to learn that Terminus is just the beginning of a horrifying new threat to Earth.

This issue is largely comfort food, but that’s exactly what we need here. This is a writer that knows we know the Avengers as a concept, and its cast as familiar characters. MacKay uses that familiarity to take the trope of “getting the band together” and fills it with character moments that are his strong suit- we’re reminded Stark is Carol’s AA sponsor, that Thor has changed so much recently, or introduced to the notion that the Vision is doubting his humanity due to recent stories. It’s interspersed with action beats with a threat that’s grand but has never really been that big a threat. We get the point quickly, so MacKay can move into his big story starting next month.

Villa and Blee do absolutely fantastic work on the art. The opening page alone is a fantastic example of what they’re going to do on the series, as Carol contemplates Earth. The scene goes on with simple quirks of body language to make Carol seem more human than most and Villa does the same with the other characters all through the issue. The action looks fantastic too. He paces the layouts to move us through the action, and keep a cinematic feel, while still centering it on the people.

Blee meanwhile puts in some of his best work to date. He puts a lot of light with the colors, depicting energy bursts and the fantastic as something really awe-inspiring. The bright colors are comforting while they enhance the storytelling.

Avengers #1 is available now from Marvel Comics.

Frankly, the last five years of Avengers have been pretty dire. With the newest volume, a group of heavy hittersCOMICONRead More

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