Advance Review: Artwork Brings New Layers To `Time Before Time’ #23

They’re almost out of time.

That may seem unlikely for a group of time travelers, with issue #23 of Time Before Time, the series concludes its penultimate story arc. As usual, the protagonists are split up in different time periods, and the future (or is it the past?) looks bleak.

Nadia Wells and the robot Kevin are stuck billions or years in the past after having reunited with Wells’ mother and sister. But the past hasn’t proven to suit her, so she’s looking to escape. But there’s a bomb-toting cyborg that’s in her way. Meanwhile, in the future, a bounty hunter has delivered Tatsuo to his former employers, the Syndicate. Needless to say, he’s not happy about the reunion.

Unfortunately, the end of this story arc means that readers must say goodbye to artist Jorge Coelho. Coelho’s artwork has improved over the course of this arc, with issue #23 having him turn in his best efforts to date. Early in the book, he delivers a spectacular double-page spread showing the devastation from the cyborg. His use of shading is more pronounced and gives the panels more depth. Chris O’Halloran’s colors complement the effect nicely.

Coelho has managed to blend his own style with the established look and feel of the series’ previously established artwork. And in the process, he’s created something uniquely his own. For example, Wells – who has been through a lot over the course of the last several issues, looks tired. In fact, just looking at her tires out the reader.

The story by Rory McConville and Declan Shalvey is pretty standard and serves mainly to put Wells and Kevin on a trajectory to rescue Tatsuo – even though they still think he’s dead in the far-off future. The resolution to this issue is a bit hackneyed, but it serves its purpose.

Before launching that final arc, the series will deliver a fill-in issue, which often plays a bigger-than-expected role in the upcoming storyline. Then Geoffo will take over for Coelho. Hopefully his work will capture the imagination like Coelho’s did.

Time Before Time #23 will be available for purchase on Wednesday.

They’re almost out of time. That may seem unlikely for a group of time travelers, with issue #23 of TimeCOMICONRead More

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