An Unlikely Hero: ‘The Ambassadors’ #5 Advance Review

The Ambassadors #5 introduces, for me at least, one of the more interesting of additions to the rank, as well as offer the reader a further, darker insight into the machinations of Jin-Sung Chung who’s really taking his divorce very, very badly in an issue of contrasts. Good versus bad, fire versus ice as we swing between the two extremities of and Siberia and Australia, with the latter being the home country of the seventy-two year old superhero simply named, Codename Australia. A man of many hidden depths it would seem, but one who on the surface embodies the very worse of the Australian psyche. 

Flitting back and forth from the action of a Siberian rescue mission to the story of Bob Taylor’s recruitment we quickly get the lowdown on his involvement and what makes this septuagenarian fit for the role. Another superhero who breaks the norms of reader’s expectations as Mark Millar continues to break the rules with characters you would not normally expect to fit the stereotypical superhero ideals that have dominated comics for so long. It’s a ver refreshing new take on the whole idea of superheroes and how they are printed and I can only commend Millar on achieving this across the series so far. 

Joining Millar on this penultimate issue is artist Matteo Buffagni, who has recently worked with Millar on Prodigy: The Icarus Society. An artist who has a fine eye for economy when it comes to his art with a style I would describe as deceptively simple. It is not a still that is overworked with cross hatching and heavy lines, but employs just the right finesse to convey every detail needed. This crisp, clean style is suited to either the more talkative scenes or even the more gory, of which there is a rather messy one in this issue.

Millar captures Bob Taylor’s confident, verging on arrogant, tone well while Buffagni capture’s it in his presentation of the character who is one part Paul Hogan and another part Hulk Hogan. An all round captivating comic and out this Wednesday 24th May from Image Comics.

The Ambassadors #5 introduces, for me at least, one of the more interesting of additions to the rank, as wellCOMICONRead More

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