Jordi’s New Single ‘so easy’ Speaks Boldly On Self-Sabotage

Welcome to the table,

You spend all your time with yourself. It seems like such a simple statement but when you really think about it you realize you know all your own faults and failings even if you make an effort not to recognize them. Day to day, moment to moment, you are stuck with yourself and when you spend that much time with someone, even if that someone is yourself, it’s easy to get mad at yourself and even fight with yourself.

Jordi, has released a new single called so easy via Dangerbird Records that really captures this feeling of being at odds with the one person you are never without.

“This song stemmed from getting easily mad at myself and how my emotions make it so I feel like I can’t trust myself. Self-sabotage. But then in the end, you’ve got yourself and you end up having to trust yourself anyways,” says Jordi on the track.

In March, Jordi released the single and music video for Clear – a driving rock anthem that explores overcoming self-doubt through the simple but time-tested acts of intentional forward momentum.

so easy feels like the perfect thematic follow-up and adds a dynamic balance to any playlist that puts them back to back.

“A lot of times, at least for me and I’m sure many others, my thoughts about literally everything; work, friends, future or past, on and on… becomes so much, I just need to refresh my mind and clear those chaotic emotions,” Jordi says on Clear. “Writing this song and music in general is a huge vessel for me in that way.”

What started as a quest to create something “fun to jump and mosh to” became, with a supportive assist from her drum teacher, her first demo.

After finding its way to producer Ken Sluiter, that demo became Jordi’s debut single Escape Route, released in 2021 as part of Dangerbird Record’s Microdose Singles series. The track spent 3 weeks at #1 on the influential KROQ Locals Only show, spending 10 weeks in the top 5, while garnering notice from publications like American Songwriter, MXDWN, Buzzbands.LA and others. Escape Route was also added to some of the biggest rock playlists in the streaming world and was featured in a Coach ad for New York Fashion Week 2023.

I’m new to Jori’s work but will be keeping an ear out as her sound develops, as I like what I’m hearing and look forward to more.

Until next time, we can all be our own worst enemy from time to time but we have to remember we have to remember to forgive ourselves as we are all just trying to do our best.

Welcome to the table, You spend all your time with yourself. It seems like such a simple statement but whenCOMICONRead More

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