Review: ‘Hunt.Kill.Repeat.’ #3 Hits The Mark

Welcome to the table,

I was looking forward to this one. You know that feeling you get when you are reading a book month to month? There was a time I was getting 30+ books a month in my pull box and every Wednesday morning I would post up at the shop and read my pulls cover to cover. Something about that serialized story experience and the anticipation of a new title landing in your box or hitting the shelf will never get old.

Hunt.Kill.Repeat. is one of those comics that I look forward to month to month. The newest installment #3 did not disappoint in the slightest.

Picking up with a great flashback sequence, we find young Apollo and Artemis hunting a tusked lion beast on Mount Olympus.

The sequence gives some more insight into the love Artemis had for her fellow godlings but does not sell her skills short even at such a formative age. Artemis is the quintessential action hero badass and living avatar of “the hunt” so it only makes sense she is the authority on slaying all things mortal or otherwise.

Wat the team of writer Mark London, artist Francesco Archidiacono, inker Marc Deering, and colorist Lee Loughridge alongside letter Rus Wooton and designer Miguel A. Zapata does though is nothing short of godly in its own right.

This kind of story, with these kinds of themes, could so easily become a boring god-smashing romp through beautiful bodies covered in blood landscapes. It could just be panels of cheesecake and chaos, but there is so much damn heart in this book.

Every issue I have read so far (and I know that is only three of them, but still) feels fun but thoughtful.

For sure there are some epic action moments and the art does not let up from panel to panel.

There are some really fun design choices in this issue and the Lobo/Lucifer/Guy who runs the coffee shop vibes I get from Hade’s bang out of control. The twist at the end of the issue I saw coming from page one of issue one and I am still not disappointed or board. This book is just fun and I want more of it as soon as I can get it.

Hunt.Kill.Repeat. brings the thrill of godlike battles to a whole new level! A fresh and captivating comic that never fails to keep you hooked. Prepare for an unforgettable experience!

Until next time, Tempest has a pet cat and Cerberus is a goofy murder puppy that alone is worth the price of admission in my opinion.

Welcome to the table, I was looking forward to this one. You know that feeling you get when you areCOMICONRead More

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