Advance Review: Earth Is A Mess In ‘Don’t Spit In The Wind’ #3

The Earth is in rough shape in Stefano Cardoselli’s Don’t Spit in the Wind #3.

The planet — or what’s left of it — is a radioactive hellhole. The few humans living on the planet are part of some freakish cult that seem to be controlling trash monsters. And the space station that is carrying what’s left of humanity is about to crash into said hellhole.

Unfortunately that’s not the only mess that readers of this limited series have to contend with.

Cardoselli’s artwork is an acquired taste, to be sure. But when many of the characters are wearing containment suits, it’s nearly impossible to sort one from the next. Only dialogue can help with the differentiation. Only the dialogue is so clunky that it’s difficult to make it through a page.

At one point, three characters are confronted by a mob and see their former employees spiked heads.

“I don’t want my head on a stick,” one says.

“Yep,” replies another.

“We’re in agreement again, chief,” says the third.

Cardoselli is going for a particularly quirky kind of humor, but it just doesn’t work here.

Luckily Dan Lee’s colors (he also doubles as the letterer) help to bring the mishmash of Cardoselli’s drawings to life. He wisely changes the palate he uses when depicting the earthbound scenes versus those on the space station. It doesn’t make the panels any less confusing, but they are entertaining. If only they helped to explain this mess of a story.

With only one issue left in this limited series, Cardoselli has his work cut out for him. He needs to drive a story, which most readers have likely given up on, to conclusion. If he can pull that off, it will be a real miracle.

Don’t Spit in the Wind #3 will be available for purchase on June 14, 2023.

The Earth is in rough shape in Stefano Cardoselli’s Don’t Spit in the Wind #3. The planet — or what’sCOMICONRead More

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