Dark Horse Direct And Guerrilla Offer The ‘Horizon Forbidden West’ Aloy PVC Figure

Welcome to the table,

I picked up the first Horizon: Zero Dawn on a whim. I was going through some stuff personally and just needed an escape. I was not expecting the story to hit me as hard as it did. Themes of finding one’s place in the world are commonplace in most media as that is part of the hero’s journey but Aloy’s story was really emotional to me.

It could have been the dad stuff, it could have been because she is a ginger, or it could have been robot dinosaurs. Whatever the perfect storm was, when I needed an anchor as I was truly losing myself to some deep dark emotional seas, Horizon: Zero Dawn was a door to cling to.

Dark Horse Direct and Guerrilla have gotten together to bring you the Horizon Forbidden West: Aloy PVC Figure.

Forbidden West is the sequel to Zero Dawn and continues the story of Aloy as she explores the far future earth full of strange new robot lifeforms and a landscape that has been largely reclaimed by nature.

This PVC statue showcases our favorite machine hunter, who has traveled west to investigate a mysterious blight and continue her quest to save life on Earth.

The 1/8 scale Aloy PVC figure is modeled after the sold-out Horizon Forbidden West: Aloy 1/6 Scale Statue.

Wielding her iconic hunter bow and spear, Aloy is ready to take the deadliest machine lifeforms as she continues to explore the ruins of the old world.


With care and consideration put into even the finest details, you can feel the movement from the flow of her hair and clothing down to the impending strike of her prototype spear.

Act fast, though, and score yourself one of these epic statues at the link before they are gone!

Until next time, when you can set up the right trip wires in a Horizon game and everything falls into place you really do feel like you have accomplished something amazing.

Welcome to the table, I picked up the first Horizon: Zero Dawn on a whim. I was going through someCOMICONRead More

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